Smart Metrics, Intelligent Decisions

The Brinqa Risk Analytics platform, a new unified risk management system, combines a robust and flexible architecture and capabilities that have proven to be a practical solution to the information technology risk management dilemma.

Aggregate Data

Correlate and Analyze

Prioritize and Remediate

Visualize and Communicate

Comprehensive Analytics Platform for Multiple Risk Areas

Today’s enterprise risk professionals need to turn volumes of risk data from multiple sources into actionable information. Enterprises are facing increased volumes of unstructured risk data that can be difficult to analyze. In addition, it must be integrated into traditional data sources for complete evaluation of all data sources. Brinqa Risk Analytics is a powerful platform that will help you aggregate, correlate, analyze, report and take action on what matters most to your business.

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"An enterprise level Application Risk Analytics solution must include automated information gathering, as well as the ability to track and monitor responses so that priorities and actions can be assigned dynamically. Incorporating the Brinqa framework into our process helped us meet our evolving risk requirements."

- John O'Donnell, Global Technology Officer, Major Financial Institution

“Today there are many security risks that are top of mind for most CISO’s. One of the most critical factors to managing these risks is the ability to reduce the time it takes to discover and remediate control gaps and ensure that they stay in control."

- Gary Eppinger, Chief Information Security Officer

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