Threat & Vulnerability Management

Manage effective monitoring, prioritization and remediation of your organization’s vulnerabilities.

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A New Paradigm for Vulnerability Management

Brinqa Threat and Vulnerability Management uses 
a risk-based approach to model program scope and context by mapping relevant assets, their dependencies and ownership. It identifies critical assets in the organization and communicates their impact to business by consolidating vulnerability, threat and asset data; resolving conflicts and redundancies; representing risk on a normalized scale; evaluating vulnerability and asset risk ratings; prioritizing vulnerabilities based on impact and imminence; managing remediation; and delivering KRIs, KPIs, metrics and reports.

Master Vulnerability Management with A Risk-based Approach

Learn how Qualys and Brinqa integrate to provide all the tools you need to improve the effectiveness and performance of your vulnerability management program

Why Brinqa

Brinqa applies sophisticated risk models, powerful graph computation, OOB connectors and advanced analytics to the vulnerability management problem to deliver a solution that addresses the extensive breadth of crucial functions required by security programs, while delivering an intensive depth of analysis that factors in data from external research sources and other security tools.

Solution highlights include

  • Automated or On-demand synchronization of risk data
  • Risk and remediation prioritization based on business context and quantitative analysis
  • Intelligent, dynamic, context-aware assessments for manual collection of risk information
  • Aggregation & Correlation of risk data from disparate sources 
  • Asset and Issue lifecycle management with closed loop remediation and progressive risk evaluation