Vendor Risk Management

A comprehensive solution for continuous vendor risk monitoring through granular, context-aware risk assessment, treatment and communication

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A Holistic Approach for Continuous Vendor Risk Monitoring

Brinqa Vendor Risk Management implements a holistic approach with an emphasis on accuracy of risk identification and representation, to ensure all vendors and associated products and services are accounted for in context of their relationship with the organization and in context of their engagement impact and scope. Existing investments in Information security as well as commercial risk rating and exposure agencies are utilized to present a complete picture of the organization’s vendor risk.

Brinqa VRM at Leading Investment Management Company

See how a global fortune 500 financial institution implements efficient vendor risk management with Brinqa

Why Brinqa

Brinqa brings the power of an advanced Risk Modeling and Analytics framework to solve today’s vendor risk problems in an innovative and comprehensive manner. By integrating with diverse sources of vendor information in your organization, the solution provides you with the most complete representation of vendor dependencies possible. Leveraging existing investments in commercial risk and exposure rating agencies, you can incorporate reliable information collected about your vendors by dedicated organizations to build informed vendor risk profiles.

Solution highlights include

  • Continuous vendor evaluation : evaluate frequently based on governance levels
  • Leverage technology security tools to evaluate risk associated with vendor products
  • Quantitative and predictive risk remediation planning
  • 4th Party Risk Assessment: Evaluate a vendor’s security dependencies
  • Supports Shared Assessments (SIG) and OCIL 2.0